Prayer Points for the Day of Prayer – Jun 30, 2022

1. For Pinky as she continues the new treatment, it will reverse her vision, and the tumour will stop growing.
2. For Pinky’s dad as he is on immunotherapy and will start 30 sessions of radiation from today(Wednesday)
3. Pray for Savi’s Dad that he will continue to experience healing and lead a normal life
4. Pray for Isaac’s Mom who is also diagnosed with cancer.
5. Pray for Liz’s Dad as they do the surgery on Saturday
6. Pray for Aravind’s dad as they start the treatment protocol soon
7. We have been praying for a person who is fighting addiction. Janith and his mom as she takes care of him.
8. For Susheela, Johshy’s friend who has been having health issues for a long time now
9. Pray against the new Covid surge and other diseases. Pray for those recovering from it in our church family- Uncle Dan, Aunty Celie, Joel’s dad, Abel, Neha, Raphael, Renee, Zip, Luca, Timmy and Timmy’s Mom.
10. Pray for Russia & Ukraine.
11. Pray for the crisis in Sri Lanka
12. Pray for our country as we experience high inflation, unemployment, corruption, and social unrest.
13. Pray for peace and harmony and against hate being spread. FCRA licenses of NGOs and other organisations.
14. Lebanah, Praveen, and Micah are going on a two-day trip to Pondy with Lebanah’s Hindu family friends from the 8th to the 10th of July. Please pray that the trip will open doors for them to talk about God with their friends.
15. Pray for Rupa, for complete recovery from the surgery and for God’s guidance in finding a house near her office
16. Pray for Kharis and her room mates who are unwell.

17. Pray for Sonia Singh – (a childhood family friend of Sean Bout) who is now undergoing chemo in Sydney

18. Pray as this week is very crucial for me (Arul). That I’ll be able to take God-lead  decisions.

Our Prayer Wall:

Prayer Guide (borrowed from 24/7 Prayer)

We can use our own words, or choose a Psalm or a prayer in the Bible.

We don’t need to make grand speeches to God, all we need to do is: Keep it simple|Keep it real


Pause- breathe deeply and be still in God’s presence.

Rejoice- what’s been good today? Thank God for it.

Ask God to help those we are praying for today.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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